Equipping your home with the latest technology isn’t just about embracing the ‘smart home’ trend. Smart homeowners know it’s about simplicity, enjoyment, and effortlessness. 

Outdoor living has created new needs for the tech conveniences we’ve come to expect. Home tech guru, Chris Groves of FoxView Technology in Huntsville, Alabama, puts it this way. “Home theaters are huge right now, and cameras inside and outside a home are certainly great things to have.”

When you’re building a new house, the most important thing you can do is make sure your whole home is prepped for success. Chris says it’s important to have network access and the right groundwork early on. “When they’re first building, homeowners might not imagine they’d want wifi in upstairs storage space. But if they ever choose to re-purpose that area for a home theater or office, it’s important that the capabilities are already in place.”

For outdoor living, music is magic. Being able to enjoy your favorite music while you’re dining on the patio or watering your herb garden is a ‘basic luxury’ at this point. Well-engineered wifi ensures you can stream your favorite movie under the stars, too, should the mood ever strike you.